BeerProv: A Night of Comedy and Booze

NEW YORK CITY, June 18, 2015 /Turning onto Degraw Street in the heart of Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, led me to the quaint looking entrance to Littlefield. Upon walking in to the sight of an enormous bar, and hearing the emcee of the evening, Jim, yell “cheers!” to the audience; I knew this wasn’t going to be a typical improv comedy show.

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Cheers: Toronto’s hit comedy show “BeerProv” is brewing a New York City debut

LOS ANGELES, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – After three years of laughs, cheers and beers, “BeerProv,” one of Canada’s most uniquely hilarious live comedy shows, is bound for the U.S. Creator, executive producer and comedian host Jim Robinson is announcing “BeerProv” will make its American debut this summer in New York City. 

“I started BeerProv because it’s the kind of comedy I love doing and Toronto didn’t have anything like it,” Robinson said. “All I’ve ever wanted to do is make people laugh, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring BeerProv to New York City.”

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Bringing Beer-Enhanced Improv to Brooklyn

BeerProv, an improv comedy troupe that utilizes beer drinking in its performances, made its Brooklyn debut at Littlefield last week. About a month before the show, I had interviewed the group’s founder, Jim Robinson, after we connected somehow on Twitter. He set aside tickets for myself and a guest to attend the event, and without knowing it, I was in for a treat.

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Toronto’s BeerProv blends two of our favourite things

BeerProv is an improv comedy competition where someone gets voted off the stage each round and the funniest performer of the night wins a prize. I attended the December 2014 edition and the deck was stacked that night as they had…

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Comedy, Laughs and Beers

Comedy shows are often times hit or miss. The room is either loud with laughter or quieter than an evening in Upstate New York, so it is usually a gamble heading to a comedy show. BeerProv, which recently came from Canada to New York City, is a sure thing so there’s no chance of hearing crickets in the audience…

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BeerProv: Not Just Sloppy Laughs

The audience convulsed with laughter, and as if on cue it seemed inevitable that the physical repercussions of such boisterous knee slapping and puffed chests would result in some spilled beer. Alas, all is fair in comedy and booze-loss at BeerProv – a show filled with laughter and improvisation.

Jim Robinson, the creator of the show, took me back to the roots of BeerProv’s inception: As a Queen’s University student, he and his fellow cohorts were apt at participating in a series of short-form improv games. Typically with beers in hand, Jim and his friends would perform in front of tipsy-minded folk who were out for some jovial times and loads of chuckles.

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BeerProv brews improv with the help from its audience

At BeerProv, the performers and the audience are as linked as alcohol consumption is to comedy. The improv show takes the stage at Toronto’s Comedy Bar once a month, a venue perfectly designed for mingling performers with spectators thanks to its large, relaxed bar space right beside the theatre door.

“Walking around the Comedy Bar before the show starts, people crammed in every corner, drinking and laughing, getting to talk with hardcore fans, the first-timers . . . that’s got to be one of my favourite parts of BeerProv,” said Jim Robinson, the show’s creator.

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Comedy Uncovered

BeerProv: Cheers to the Newest Addition to Your Toronto Bucket List

Recipe for Awesome: One part beer. One part improv. Pour over audience. Ya’ll get served.

BeerProv is the quintessence of the perfect Friday night date; with ample beer, boisterous laughter, and even celebrity cameos (Whose Line Is It Anyways star, Colin Mochrie), it epitomizes improv au-courant. Given the energy of the crowd (imagine the audience of Oprah’s Favorite Things, but replace crazed housewives with attractive twenty-somethings), and you’ll understand why BeerProv should deservingly be added to your Toronto bucket list.

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